Hooded Fang :: "Laughing" and "Promise Land"

Ontario's Hooded Fang drive straight to the heart of indie pop with warm horns, chimes, and boy-girl vocals. Some commentators compare them to a slow-drive version of the Strokes - this is solidly and obviously not useful - and  some European critics seem to find relatability to Belle and Sebastian. There is even a moment in "Promise Land" where the baroque peel off evokes a rougher version of the harpsichord in Vampire Weekend's 2007 contribution "M79." Hell, the male vocals are nearly identical to Throw Me The Statue. An important to mention self-indictment: This is just a small band from Canada and such grandiose telomeres do little to perfectly frame their debut self-titled LP which is, by this report, fantastic. So for just a minute allow yourself to just listen to two songs off that debut record. They are, quite obviously, impressive.


"Promise Land"

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