Fucked Up :: "Queen Of Hearts"

Has rage ever sounded so sweet? Or has love ever sounded so angry? The last of the the four pre-release singles from Fucked Up's coming 18-track punk opera, David Comes To Life, "Queen Of Hearts" is undeniably the most romantic of the bunch. Of course, the word, "romantic" is used loosely, as Damien Abraham screams lyrics like, "Hello, my name is David," an introduction to the central character in a story about lost love in an lightbulb factory town in Thatcher-era Britain. Abraham continues in brutal didacticism, "Your name is Veronica. Let's be together 'til the stars go out," a bristling roar before the arrangment shifts gears and gives way to the same intoxicating (and lilting) female vocalist, Maddy from Cults, also featured on "The Other Shoe". She offers a term of engagement no less terminal than "til the stars go out", singing, "let's be together until the world swallows us." The arrangment rips along like a terribly serrated Hold Steady track, only with Craig Finn held hostage in Abraham's basement, traded out for road gravel vocals and a blurry, narrative love story. But, love is nothing if it isn't yelled at the top of your voice; no one said it had to have an ounce of melody.

Listen :: Fucked Up - "Queen Of Hearts"

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