Det Vackra Livet :: "Juni Berattar"

Swedish pop outfit Det Vackra Livet offer a new and entirely stunning, Swedish-language single, "Juni Berattar", proof that command of the language is only a side-benefit. With the cursory translation of a Swedish-speaking colleague, the title means something like "Thoughful June", the rest of the lyrics are a complete mystery to most of the American audience, though there is a moment in the chorus where it seems like a transliteration of the f-word is about to happen. The sonic quality is something between the Shout Out Louds and the Cure (which this writer well understands is like parsing the difference between the peanut and peanut butter), a collection of wistful and heart-sick longings usually confined to John Hughes movies and imported Smiths' singles. But here, Det Vackra Livet, create a beautiful slice of pop that manages to hide - and maybe this is the language barrier - its saddest moments in pastel guitars and soaring synths. Perfect for the moments when you can't or won't grasp what terrible, solipsism is afoot and angled at your door.

Listen :: Det Vackra Livet - "Juni Berattar"

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