La Sera :: "Please Be My Third Eye"

Riding a year on the heels of La Sera's (nee Katy Goodman) first LP and fun, beachy singles, the part-time member of Vivian Girls is back with "Please Be My Third Eye" from her forthcoming sophomore record. This, considerably scuzzier than previous college radio sway, "Devil's Hearts Grow Gold" and "Never Come Around", features insistent guitars and attention-deficient drums. Goodman finds herself pleading the profoundly Eastern title lyric, asking another to be her enlightenment. And in a world of visions, Goodman needs no visionary. It is playful, in a Western context like asking for someone to be your transfiguration. In this case, she is her own clairvoyant, a rye seer ready to fall in love.

Listen :: La Sera - "Please Be My Third Eye"

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