Gabriel & the Hounds :: "The World Unfolds"

Without delving too deeply into the magically real, Gabriel & the Hounds drive down the back of some serious deja-vu on single "The World Unfolds". The chorus is so familiar you would swear you had heard it before, like a stranger who happens to look a lot like someone you dated as a teenager. The central lyric recalls some of the best 1990s college rock, like an old Lemonheads A-side that replaced the acoustic rhythm guitars with electric ones, added some strings and a chorus good enough to lead with. The title lyric fronts with an eminently two-decades-old invocation, an extended and perfectly shabby, "Hey". You would swear you had this conversation before, some younger version of yourself but this same series of questions, "When am I gonna feel like a super one? When am I gonna start having fun? ... And when am I gonna be with you?" The old, familiar struggles recast as nostalgic ones, allowing the listener to embrace how much they have changed or, perhaps, how little. So, "when will the world unfold for me?" Re-read the title; something remembered, it already has.

Listen :: Gabriel & the Hounds - "The World Unfolds"

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