King Of Prussia :: "Oh Me"

King of Prussia, the place, is a suburban wasteland near Philadelphia that doubles as the hometown of very pretty girls and America's second largest mall. King of Prussia, the historical figure, figured prominently in the unification of the modern nation-state of Germany along conservative political lines. King Of Prussia, the band, penned single, "Oh Me" as one of those love songs with a habit for symbolism that alternates between definitely depressing and maybe gross. And while there isn't a specific tie between girls, malls, metaphor and long-dead European autocrats, King Of Prussia and their brand of innocuous (this is, here, a compliment) and winning pop still manages to inspire each disembodied image. This is suitable for a band who declared their studio, during the recording of the album that contains, "Oh Me", the last part of the world that wasn't due for destruction, the last part of the world that wasn't melting. They declared a fake apocalypse, an untrue Rapture. The Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian footnotes are, however, correct. The band has sourced this all faithfully, images, style references and historical after thoughts bleeding together like pattern of the tile on the floor of America's second largest mall.

Listen :: King Of Prussia - "Oh Me"
Listen :: King Of Prussia - "Your Graduating Hours"

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