Night Panther :: "Snudge"

Cultural literacy is the new cultural feeling. In essence, it is better to know about a thing than it is to have an unexplained notion that the same thing is good or powerful. Or, at least, literacy organized its armies into a slew of cultural references and intellectual arguments, largely aimed at eliminating enthusiastic ignorance - which is totally understandable by the way - but by consequence (or maybe "collateral damage" works better here) literacy attacked and destroyed a world of aesthetics with a horde of explanations. It was, and now is, simply unacceptable to like something for its own purposes. You needed reasons. You needed cogency. The world looked at your loves and said, in effect," Prove it. I don't believe you." Night Panther wade into this territory with a very fun single, "Snudge." The chorus, which is whip-smart, suggests, "We take pleasure in being defensive forgetting our hearts were made for affection, we started a nasty fable." Interpretation might not be entirely valuable here as the band soars into the refrain over a methodical piano progression, the kind of thing you could love even if you weren't worried about the minds and hearts of a generation that, at times, chose argument over beauty. In fact, forget anyone said anything.

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