Soda Fabric :: "Antonia"

An endless summer of warm guitars, Soda Fabric's debut single, "Antonia" combines both surf-pop and the angularities of post-punk. It appears, from the traffic on their Facebook page, that Soda Fabric is from Israel, though the band claims to be from "Atlantis", a winking nod to the watery hooks and thick reverb of "Antonia". Sounding a bit like a more holistic take on the coastal bombast of French Films, the band has another, even better single, "Wrong Flight" waiting in the wings, an encouraging sign for such a young group. The success of both lies in the creation of chasing melodies and shout along good-time choruses. "Antonia", finally winds up on the lyric, "she's so in love," a crashing conclusion and a few gasping guitar spikes, a shortening of days and the final breaths of summer.


MO said...

EY. that shits good. thanks

Evandro said...

Like New Order - Dreams Never End