GRMLN :: "Teenage Rhythm" and "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance" [Vampire Weekend cover]

Youthful Santa Cruz post-adolescent, Yoodoo Park, just 20 years old and calling himself GRMLN, debuts recent single, "Teenage Rhythm" with a Vampire Weekend cover kicker. "Teenage Rhythm" rings as wide-open rock song with a central edict, "Get out of my head ... now" and a time signature change that, surprisingly, works. It's sun-washed beach rock, like WAVVES without the needless irony, a galloping hook and dreamy guitars filing in order toward a crashing conclusion. The Vampire Weekend cover is faithful, though less baroque than the original. Gone are the chamber strings, replaced with a holy alliance of guitar, drum-pad and bass. The main idea remains the same; the joke is on us; the kids are just fine.

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