Anna Wiebe :: "Don't Know How" (feat. Jake Scott)

Anna Wiebe turns out a sweet slice of slow-drive folk on latest single "Don't Know How" from her recently released EP, Full of the Light. "Don't Know How" roots in a delicate duet, Wiebe's voice leaning in on itself as the arrangement builds behind her. The lyrics are didactic - "tell me what to eat" and "play me two more songs and go to bed" - fragile, "hold me nice and close", and resolute, "Don't want to tie knots or build bridges to you." What emerges is a complex framework, a love that is equal parts possession, possessed, freedom and choice, which allows Wiebe to pose the central question: "Maybe I don't know how?" This universe of hers is tough: twin desires to beat out other girls for your affections, and to let you make your own way back to her. Pretty and fraught, we're left with a beautiful exegesis of a potentially brutal thing.