Great Good Fine Ok :: "You're The One For Me"

With a name that sounds like a Josh Radnor movie, a mash of unpunctuated colloquialisms, Brooklyn's Great Good Fine Ok disburse a synthetic pop that shoots into the sky on debut single, "You're The One For Me." The opening lyrics, "hit 'em with a little bit of crazy/hit 'em with a little bit of love," before the song's engine has really even turned over, describe the architecture here: equal parts absurd and earnest. The chorus is the money-maker, a Michael Angelakos-indebted parabola of soaring vocals and ebullient keyboards, the title lyric set against the edict: "Show me where the love is grown." Pretty, catchy and ridiculous, Great Good Fine Ok embody this brand of pure pop escapism in archetypal fashion. It isn't a think-piece, it doesn't need to be. It's only discomfiting if you look down or around, or, stupidly, consider too deeply something meant to be glossy veneer.

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