Lincoln Jesser :: "Tops"

Try as I might to hate Lincoln Jesser's second offering, "Tops" with its winking gestures to the EDM community and wub-wub synth stabs, it is simply irrepressible. Tripping through the Passion Pit idea, Jesser finds himself in a universe of bold colors and sharp relief - Jesser starts the chorus with space imagery as one of the catchiest synth lines you'll hear in 2013 bobs up and down in modulated fashion behind him. Those notes, maybe there are four or five of them, are the soul of "Tops", the element that refuses marginalization. The imagery is heavy-handed (according to Jesser, we are "dice spinning around in space" and "tops spinning around on plates") but the music undeniable and satisfying, a major label sound from a guy who could, quite reasonably, dominate 2014, or your dance floor next weekend. As Jesser says, "ain't no time for common sense" as the dumbest drum-fill ever rockets you toward the first chorus. An obscenity, it is terrible and awesome at once. Who cares about criticism when you're having this much fun?

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