Welcome to 32ft/second. It's a blog dedicated to music. And it's going to go a little something like this:

1) I will start strong. I will get a hosting account and start posting a ton of new tracks. Idealism will abound and I will spend a lot of time building up a readership. I will email my friends. I will even take risks posting cuts off albums repped by major labels. I will host tracks off leaked albums and label legal teams will send me emails. I will act like I don't care but secretly I will be a little concerned that some professional hitman from Universal Music Group will be waiting for me next time I go to the bathroom. I will fear for my safety. I will be sued into submission.

2) Over the period of a couple of months the web-stats will level off. My idealism and energy will also level off. The posts will start coming less and less often. The music will be less and less good. I will be reaching. I will start posting live shows of bands you already know (Hey Guys! Check out this live session The National played on ___________). I'll talk more and more about "how much music ends up in my inbox" and "how little of it I actually get to listen to." About once a week, the preceding two statements will be followed by "but this band really jumped out at me. So check out (fill in the blank track) from (fill in the blank forgettable band).

3) Once during this period of malaise, I will find an undocumented, empirically excellent band. I will flip out. I will remember why I started doing this in the first place. I will make comparisons to Vampire Weekend and Voxtrot (both of whom will be completely forgotten by this point in late 2008). You will also get excited. The band will get bigger and I will feel important. Readership will briefly spike and I will briefly resume placing emotional energy into this project.

4) Posts will stop coming for a period of three weeks.

5) I will apologize. I will make promises. I am back. I had things to do. I really didn't mean it.

6) Posts will come sporadically and with no rhyme or reason. I will speak about things I've had to do (work, vacations, seeing old friends). These will be the superficial (and yet profound) barriers to our communication. I will even share personal details with a largely anonymous readership in the hopes of explaining my absence. This will be too much information.

7) The blog will slowly fall into disrepair and eventual silence. It will remain hosted by blogger.com into infinity (or at least until the machines become self-aware in 2012). We will have begun with optimism and ended in oblivion. We will have fallen like a rock dropped from absurd height and crushed with furious impact. We are falling. We fell. We are a crater.

And it all began at 32-feet per second.


deadbands said...

Does this mean you are no longer affiliated with Loose Record? I'm pretty sure I'm not.

32feet said...

want to join the revolution? i'm going to be making this thing as bloody as possible.

deadbands said...

Who's ready for war? I'm ready for war. I just didn't have this large a arsenal of weapons before.

phoebeplagens said...

whatever happens, i'll be able to say i knew you when you called ignition remix the anthem. as far as defending you in a public court of law, i plead the 5th.

carry on.

Jason said...

Wow, do you even need to post tomorrow? You're done. I feel like I just went through a whole behind the music for 32ftpersecod.
Looking forward to it anyway.

Derek said...

Nice! Cause any "behind the music" that doesn't involve massive amounts of caffeine and alcohol isn't worth my time anyway.