[Elevator] Ketch Harbour Wolves

Strange name for a band, Ketch Harbour Wolves, and perhaps, even stranger that they're not more well known. Stranger still that they're giving away their entire record on their website. If you come across a better (adult) alternative value, I defy you to tell me about it. Ketch Harbour Wolves work if you like what The National would sound like if they were fronted by the lead-singer of Editors. This is not meant as a direct affront to The National, who clearly create both slightly poppier and more intricate soundscapes than Ketch Harbour Wolves - it is meant as a closest to accurate comparison. We all do the best we can.

What I will tell you is this: the album has seven songs and there isn't a lead balloon in the bunch. If they were based out of New York and not the far reaches of Canada, I can promise you that you would think of this band as a slightly more credible version of Pela - or a more digestible version of Winterpills. Basically, this is music that people that don't want to spend time knowing about music might like. It's easy to like and that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this band could and should end up more famous than they are now. As always, check it up or check it out. It's your world. We just live in it.


Ketch Harbour Wolves - Leaves
Ketch Harbour Wolves - Gold
Ketch Harbour Wolves - So Long To The Ground

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