Faunts :: "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of"

There is no way to discuss new-wave or synth-pop bands without mentioning a whole host of influences ranging from somewhere around New Order and Erasure right up to the Postal Service. This is a problem. I sit here and think of influences that might excite you but really, my library of possible bands is used up quickly and you end up thinking, "Depeche Mode? Does that sound like something I could be into in 2008?" And you think ... "maybe?"

But really comparison doesn't do anyone any sort of justice. Faunts do kind of sound like New Order but frankly, New Order is a much better band with a larger, deeper catalogue of songs. Comparing the two would be like asking a sixth grader to go out to bars and hit on women. It's not that they couldn't physically get to the bar (by bike) and reasonably sneak their way in under the guise of some excuse ("I'm looking for my Dad") but the truth is, they'd be too young to really pull it off. Asking Faunts to be New Order is a little too much. Even saying that Faunts can do some of the same things as New Order is too much. It's too soon. And, they have the whole rest of their lives to go to bars and pick up women. Just work on getting to Algebra on time for the moment.

Listen :: Faunts - "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of"


deadbands said...

Wow, this song is much poppier than anything on their M4 album. They used to sound more like a post-rock Depeche Mode, but I definitely agree with the New Order comparison on this song. By the way, is this record out yet?

Anonymous said...

nope, comes out in february.