The Sweet Serenades :: "Mona Lee"

And we're back with The Sweet Serenades and their little (and I stress this) song "Mona Lee." It's a song that doesn't aspire to be anything other than what it is and even though that's a tautology, it's still true. Read that one. more. time.

It's worth mentioning The Sweet Serenades are Swedish (do these people wake up and piss pop music?) and for what it's worth this could easily be a 1950s Buddy Holly-throwback. That's not meant particularly as a compliment. But there's something in the sweetness of the background vocals in the chorus that carries me somewhere else. As an English sentence what you just read was expressive and indeterminate. What you just read was effectively useless. But there's something in this song that is both sickly sweet and sweetly sick. Not that simple reversing of phrasing is a good enough explanation. So hang on as we "ooooooooo" through the chorus and remember that words are just the drawings we use to speak to each other.

Listen:: Sweet Serenades - Mona Lee

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