Acid House Kings :: "Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?"

Even in a world of Belle and Sebastians, Camera Obscuras and Lucksmiths (RIP), Acid House Kings make the sunniest of sunshine pop. With four albums under their belt and standing threat from 2005 that they would release a record "defining the meaning of pop music" in 2010, they are back with digitial single, "Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends?," forcasting a coming LP. It is a dizzy, swirling mix of sacherrine strings and lighter-than-air guitars, meditating on the central and age-old theme of unrequited love. But human relations are never so simple. Call-and-response vocals tinge the edges of the chorus, as the final question is ultimately posed, not about love or friendship but about possession, "Baby, will you be mine?"

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