On The List :: Throw Me The Statue @ Mercury Lounge [9.2.09]

Scott Reithman, lead singer of Throw Me The Statue, rather earnestly asks if there are any questions. This is a fun, almost after-school-special moment. The crowd simmers and someone yells out, "Take your shirt off." Reithman responds wirely, "That isn't a question." Inspired and somewhat inquisitive, someone asks, "Where did you get the name?" Reithman mutters, "Fuck." This isn't an answer. He backs away from the mike. You sense that this is a moment of truth, if however small. "Who said that?" He doesn't wait. "Come talk to me after the show. It's an incredible story."

Thirty minutes before the above anecdote, Throw Me The Statue opened with "Ancestors," the debut single off their new, and frankly excellent, record Creaturesque. It is a buzzing and moveable rock song. Reithman stared out into stage lights the affect of a first-year teacher, both overly confident and extremely suspicious. His movements got larger as the set progressed but his head rarely moved from a cocked, slightly quizzical angle.

The set was a series of new songs sandwiched around some old favorites. You could even say it was a shred predictable. However, they closed with "Staring At The Shore," the first track from Creaturesque. It was the first coming last; and, in this way, it was maybe a quip. More importantly, it was strong. This isn't an incredible story. But there also weren't any questions.

Listen :: Throw Me The Statue - "Ancestors"
Listen :: Throw Me The Statue - "Hi-FI Goon"

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