These United States :: "Everything Touches Everything"

Is it a grandiose word-palindrome or just tautological? Everything touches everything; one of those rare statements that is as insightful as it philosophically correct. Now, I suppose These United States, a band who suggested with a recent single that they wanted you to, "keep everything," are simply tying the strings together. After all, if you're allowed to keep everything (an ambitious and unnecessary gesture), you can't forget the things that those things touched. And what were they? Yes, you guessed right. Everything. Those things touched everything. Those things that you're allowed to keep, they've already touched everything. They will continue to do so. They remain touching and touchy.

The album is out today. I can't say enough good things about it.

Listen :: These United States - "Everything Touches Everything"
Bonus :: These United States - "I Want You To Keep Everything"

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