Alex Winston :: "Locomotive" and "Sisterwife"

Alex Winston is building a bizarre carnival of pop. Original demos and singles like, "Animal," seemed to indicate that this uber-talented young singer would end up in an Old Navy commercial, but it was hard to see how deep the critical creative pool would run. Not that the Ingrid Michaelson career arc is a bad one, but it is surely limited (see: her second record). Conversely, Winston is an evolution, blowing clear through the cutesy limitations of her first work, erupting with a bigger sound and these freaky, Kate Bush (it is the year of Kate Bush) vocals. On "Locomotive," she is both brutal, "I wish I cared about the things you care about but I don't", while still insisting on these powerful laws of inertia in the chorus. On "Sister Wife," the arrangement is a booming, swaying circus tent with Winston in the middle as ringmaster, tamed animal and trapeze swinger.

Listen :: Alex Winston- "Locomotive"
Listen :: Alex Winston - "Sisterwife"
Listen :: Alex Winston - "Medicine"

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