Forbidden Friends :: "Tiny Hands"

Nimble, nasal vocals dance over a guitar progression that would make John Darnielle at least smile on Forbidden Friends' debut single "Tiny Hands." As a split from Portland power-poppers The Thermals (if this doesn't make you scream, "Now we can see!" you've missed it), Forbidden Friends share the certain candor of the their parent band, each lyric self-consciously confessional and unapologetically so. In moments, the arrangement gives itself over to a certain authoritarian surreality, positing, "How does it feel to rule the world and rule the people/with tiny hands and tiny evil/never knowing if you're real?" A rollicking and unsettled ride, we are left confident of what we hold in our grasp and what we simply never understand.

Listen :: Forbidden Friends - "Tiny Hands"

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