MNDR :: "I Go Away" [The Oos & Ahs Remix]

New York production team The Oos & Ahs have turned Brooklyn pop starlet MNDR's "I Go Away" into what they call "the dub step remix." The irony here being that the original is slightly more "dubby" (and it's moments like these where you realize how stupid genre descriptions are). So, we turn our focus to the tangible, a well-spun, soaring remix of an already catchy song. Here, they've given Amanda helium vocals (thanks, pitch adjust!) and glittering electronics as the solar system for the chorus to whir through. The final elevations of the refrain shock our sensibilities, big synths stabbing the bottom of the mix as MNDR soars up to the top of the room, flitting around like a bee trapped in a florescent light fixture. The lyrics insist she'll go away (did the title give that away too soon?) but here she is trapped in this hot mess of electronics that she built and the Oos & Ahs retrofitted into this sweeping castle. It's a pretty prison, and doesn't feel a bit like a jail.

I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix) by nymc

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