Therapies Son :: "Touching Down"

The music for the last scene of a movie that hasn't been written yet, Therapies Son offers "Touching Down" as a soundtrack powerful enough to forge a narrative around. Is it one of those road movies, something American enough to paint counter-culture with romantic tones in a mainstream media? We will need a motorcycle and some fresh-faced kids. We will need long shots of big smiles (or Stern Faces, depending on where we are in the plot) and yellow highway lines gliding under the edge of the camera with the kind of poetic apathy required of metaphorical inanimate objects (read: roads, see: coming of age story) in movies like these. And, we suppose the fun here isn't the characters or the shoddy writing or the production assistant who put all the wrong things in someone important's coffee on the third day of shooting. See, none of it has been written. Therapies Son, a 19-year old kid from California just happens to have the sound, friction coefficients set to less than zero, to float us in the right direction. You write it and I'll get the bike; we'll meet on the coast.

Listen :: Therapies Son - "Touching Down"

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