Gauntlet Hair :: "Top Bunk"

No one, and I mean no one, does looping, dreamy pop better than Gauntlet Hair. Last year's surprise jam, "I Was Thinking" was a snapping, bombastic affair. It nearly wore you out with higher-than-hi-fi guitars and a clap track sharp enough to pop a surprised ear drum. Latest single, "Top Bunk", from the band's coming Dead Oceans release steers their sound in slightly different waters, these with the distinct feeling of a very fun, very liquid stop-motion video. Placed squarely at the center are these cascading guitars, but playfully enough to sound like an M.C. Esher merry-go-round, shot from above, spinning fully to the beat. And round and round you go, a pleasant summer dizziness of too little sleep and sun blasted afternoons. The final movement provides change, bits of relief, and some final shabby guitars to say, well, we've been around now.

Listen :: Gauntlet Hair - "Top Bunk"

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