Theme Park :: "Wax"

Theme Park, a very new foursome from the UK, are in that strange, liminal stage of half-notoriety. They exist and are great and yet, it seems no one knows them. In defense of the listening public, Theme Park only have three songs that anyone has heard, and one of these we wrote about, "Milk", was either so good or so unmixed (it's 2011, and these things are hard to parse) that it was taken down from their Soundcloud page almost immediately. Now, those of us who follow things like very young bands from overseas that have a serious chance to wobble the knees of American indie rock kids 18 months from now, know that hurriedly taking songs down from the Internet is about the best sign possible for a band's future success. It means someone is advising them or they have an innate sense of their future earning potential and, well, these guys could be worth a lot of money. Theme Park is sitting in the nexus of great songs, good representation and an excellent niche sound. With their first proper single, "A Mountain We Love" due in August, the band releases B-side, "Wax", a song that sails along under its own mysterious power. Poised as the next big export from the London scene, Theme Park wait, halfway between being the band you've never heard of and the band that's about to bigger than you can even imagine sitting where you're sitting right now.

Wax by Theme Park

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