Family of the Year :: "St. Croix"

While Family of the Year's latest single, "St. Croix" isn't necessarily new, it will officially come out on October 27, and the band is now offering it for free download. The slick and soaring bit of guitar pop references loose instructions like, "getting away", and rhymes "motion" with "ocean" in either the least ironic or the most winning way possible. As a bit of pop, it is undeniably defensible as a vote in favor of its soaring chorus and instantly memorable hooks, even if the lyrics leave something to be desired and the Southern Hemisphere metaphors lay, even pleasantly, a bit heavy. But, "St. Croix" isn't about higher order truths, rather it aims itself at our most visceral selves, lovers of melody and those warm guitars that seem to have a language of their own.

St. Croix by Family of the Year

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