PAPA - "I Am The Lion King"

No one said you haven't heard this before. In fact, all of these probably seems familiar. Big, tight guitars that feel like they're ripped out of a Free Energy studio session power the breaks in PAPA's "I Am The Lion King". The lyrics are those confessional kind, said with arched eyebrows, a shrug and one of those tautological resignations like, "It is what it is." And for existential questions, PAPA isn't particularly concerned with breaking new ground, rather punching up old semiotic studies of rock. The final push is a rush of guitars and big backing vocals, expanding on the theme of those early guitar lines with a richer (or is it wry?) understanding of the cultural and artistic derivatives. These are tropes, to be sure, but plot lines tried and true, like the cliche in the preceding clause, at once meaningless and entirely comfortable with how much fun you can have when that pressure to feel new lifts and the critical sky clears.
PAPA: I Am The Lion King by Hit City USA

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