Creepy Crawlies :: "Get Buried"

Breezy indie pop from California, Creepy Crawlies traffic in all the right tropes. Playful references to annihilation - "It could be worse, it could be nuclear war" is one notable turn of phrase - mix easily with alternating boy-girl vocals that recall the earliest Rilo Kiley material. The hook, a cloud-clearing chorus that trades droning guitar fuzz for ebullient melody, relies in a certain buy-in from the listener, a desire to playfully bottle terrible emotional geography. The eponymous lyric is instruction, "Get Buried", tongue firmly in cheek, to the worst parts of ourselves. It is also wanton impossibility, the kind of thing that supercilious indie pop can navigate with no consequences, something both fun and entirely unrealistic.

Listen :: Creepy Crawlies - "Get Buried"

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