Tanlines :: "All Of Me"

Tanlines, who have a bad habit of saying when they play New York, "Um, we're from here", ready a new single and a new LP of their brand of tropic-pop that transcends even the most scurrilous comments about their stage show. "All Of Me" provides a litany of synth stabs set against the back drop that always manages to recall a more equatorial version of your current location. The back beat rides against the melody into a yelping and intensely singable chorus. Think of the screaming, midnight pop of M83's "Midnight City" mixing into the rum and cokes of an unmissable warm, Caribbean aesthetic (synths recast as steel drums in the bridge). But the hook, and its subsequent repetition provides the marginal returns, each listen a little more satisfying than the last.

Listen :: Tanlines - "All Of Me"

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