Fancy Werewolves :: "Ghosts of Detroit"

An opening drum-guitar mixture that recalls Radiohead's "Creep" and a male vocal that took its graduate work at the Matt Berninger School of Moral Victories, Fancy Werewolves unleash one of the best unsigned rock songs of 2013 on "Ghosts of Detroit". Male and female vocals intertwine in figure eights, a nighttime slow-drive through the blighted afterglow of an American wasteland. Inspired by the on-going beauty and tragedy of the titular city, "Detroit", the band urges us to "Shut up, get in", to join them for a drive downtown, a lyric fecund for its brutality if nothing else. The arrangement swells and washes on the chorus, a Gothic architecture, soaring, austere and dark. Put simply: you won't hear a better rock song from a band you haven't heard of yet in 2013, a stunning and promising debut from the wilds of post-industrial modernity.

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