Shy Girls :: "Second Heartbeat"

Sure, indie rock's torrid romance with R&B is fleeting, but applying critical filters won't crack through the soft glow and slow burn of Shy Girls' stunner "Second Heartbeat". It represents the early onset nostalgia of the generation of kids who were teenagers in the 1990s, a passing, if pleasant, fever dream. "Second Heartbeat" is a memory of middle school dance that never happened: everyone instantly poised, badly unironic iconography reclaimed as cool, the profound lack of mutual discomfit. "Second Heartbeat" is playing somewhere in this memory as you edge closer to the girl/guy who sits down the table from you in Ancient Civilizations; you clutch each other and are instantly the two realest 13 year olds in human history. The chorus spins off into a neon sky, the DJs lights dance against the curtain behind the stage of the auditorium, but this is all much cooler and relevant in your retrospective mind's eye. "Second Heartbeat" is best left there, a memory of time that never happened and the concurrent desire for a contemporary experience to rival the invention.

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