Painted Palms :: "Forever"

Entering themselves into the album of the year debate in the span of three minutes, Painted Palms drive at an anachronistic Beatles psych-stage on "Forever". The eponymous track from the band's recently released LP, "Forever" storms and stutters with wet-mix drums and sea-sick backing vocals pitching and yawing with the churn. However, despite the obvious comparisons to the Liverpool foursome, it is the ebullient and hooky melody, at times a chord progression that resolves with subtle but crushing authority, that makes "Forever" a mountain of pop that would make even a band like Tame Impala pack their shit and head home. "There's so many things I can't remember", sings vocalist Christopher Prudhomme, an intimation that this creation is a monolith that feels both very old and very new at once.

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