Marina and the Diamonds :: "Hollywood"

Marina and the Diamonds have been on our radar for a long, long time. In fact, it dates to a demo version of "Obsessions" we put on a mixtape in early 2008. The immediate feedback was something like, and I'm paraphrasing here, "It's good but it seems like a roughed around Regina Spektor." Well, it was a sort-of compliment and amazingly short-sighted. Today, we are leveled by the video for her latest single, "Hollywood" from coming epic, The Family Jewels. We don't write about much that has a chance to smash radio but this, this is going to be big. This song has a chance to go top ten at AAA and Hot AC radio. This song is about to be everywhere. But today, it's just here, for the moment, at less than 300 plays on youtube. Watch this blow up, I promise.

A more coherent, analytic assessment reveals why this is ready to explode. It has instantly singable lines with some cultural signifiers dropped in (the Shakira/Zeta line). It addresses the rapid decline and yet complete attraction of the American Empire. She is a Marie Antoinette for an infected American monarchy. And she's Welsh. Marina, as it happens, is stunningly beautiful and seems to relish every minute of the breath before being super-famous. Because that's what this is: The minute before things get completely out of control and you're suddenly performing at huge venues and playing late-night shows and the VMA pre-show. This is that moment, a breath before one of the most memorable choruses of the year. Soak. it. in.

Listen :: Marina and the Diamonds - "I Am Not A Robot"


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify- Hollywood is the second single off of Family Jewels. Mowgli's Road was the lead single.

noah said...

i don't know. can't help feeling that this feels a bit forced, even, dareisay, robotic.

32feet said...

"hollywood" is going to be the song they push to radio stateside. no way mowgli's road was going to swing hips in the red states. this has a chance. and as for human-vs-robot, this chick is real.

Unknown said...

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