Dominant Legs :: "About My Girls"

Easily the best EP of 2010, Dominant Legs officially released Young At Love And Life this week on Lefse. A collection of four songs operating at the edges of the twee catalogue with glittering synths and winking dilettante-ish guitars, this sounds like a stripped down Belle & Sebastian studio session from the Fold Your Hands Child days. On "About My Girls," booming Casio drum loops back an arrangement rife with flirty guitar and keys and we are left with the shabby brilliance of the chorus, "I just can't seem to forget about my girls." It is not unintentionally great.

Listen :: Dominant Legs - "About My Girls"


Anonymous said...

you do realize that "Young at Love and Life" sounds EXACTLY like their other song getting hype right now, "About My Girls," right?

i really mourn for the days of good indie rock.

p.s. he's playing both songs on the guitar with chords that are higher on the neck. you know, just in case you didn't realize.

32feet said...

You're reacting to the packaged drums (this is an important observation on your part) but you're also missing the fact that they are different chords and strum patterns (you know, while we're at music theory camp). I shudder to think what you might have thought of the first five songs Belle & Sebastian put together. Um, yeah, stuff it.

Anonymous said...

so, the strum patterns might be different. (ooooh!) but he's just using a capo and playing the same chords just three frets up. so, yeah, they are the same chords.

and i really know nothing about B & S, but i'm sure the comparison is wanting.

32feet said...

Someone who says they "mourn for the days of good indie rock" and then admits they know nothing about Belle & Sebastian is digging their own grave. You play guitar -you ain't a critic, kid.

Jeremy said...

Haha, this is hilarious. 32feet: great work.

Anonymous said...

hee hee, just cuz i think twee is shite don't mean my observations aren't spot on.

so avoid the fact that these two songs are exactly the same song. and enjoy watching yer bands that play prerecorded everything.


32feet said...

Yes, I am completely confident in saying that if you don't like twee you don't know what you're talking about. Get you away from here, you're dying.