[Preview] Magic Man @ Piano's Tonight [6.27.11]

One of the best records that it seemed not enough people heard was 2010's Real Life Color from the electro-pop brains of Boston's Magic Man. Over the past 15 months, they are the band I have recommended most and most directly, as they occupy this soft center between sounding critically credible and dreadfully committed to pop music. Still up for pay-what-you-will download from the band's bandcamp page, Real Life Color is full, deep and immensely replayable, with track two, "Monster" clocking in as our 12th favorite song of 2010. Tonight, as a part of Future Sounds' on-going series of showcases, The Rumble, the band takes the stage at Piano's at 10pm. The show is free and, like their album, not to be overlooked.

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