Twin Sister :: "Bad Street"

The break for Twin Sister - and here I don't mean publicity-driven Top 40 radio, but rather something stylistic - was 2010's "All Around And Away We Go". It was the position from which they launched themselves out of a lo-fi haze (and obviously, the forecast was a still a little hazy) and into a more spacious, almost disco-infused landscape. On recent single, "Bad Street", the band continues this trajectory away from home-recorded, cold-medicine jams and into substantially funkier (if "funkier" can be used as a critical and analytical term) territory. "Bad Street" climbs to an apex around the lyric, "I want it bad, I want it bad", though leaving it abundantly unclear whether this is qualitative statement or an expression of supreme desire. Either way, Twin Sister have moved expertly from making pleasantly drowned lo-fi, to upbeat summery disco pop. And they've done it all, as they would tell you with pride, without a publicist.

Listen :: Twin Sister - "Bad Street"

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