Youth Lagoon :: "Dropla"

Youth Lagoon began as a bedroom recording project that grew long and large without ever losing its sense of intimacy on 2011's stunning LP The Year of Hibernation. It was a general specific, a record so widely loved and with which everyone expressed a different, sort of personal connection. Returning with the first single from sophomore record, Wondrous Bughouse, Youth Lagoon evolves toward something more expansive on "Dropla". The arrangement clanging away and unfolding into a uninterrupted stream of sounds that border on cacophony, the aesthetic trembles on the outer marker of chaos. "You'll never die" is the edict, the motif and the high water point. Nearly tipping six-minutes, Youth Lagoon swells his sound noticeably here, a good sign for the potential for sustained magical realism on Wondrous Bughouse. The listener, in the end, is left washing away with the sounds of the old, lo-fi keyboards with which Youth Lagoon bored his way into so many hearts and music collections.

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