Sivu :: "Better Man Than He"

The evangelical overtones - lines like "we'll find faith in the most magical of places" and "touch Christ in impending doom" - almost overwhelm the quality of the music on Sivu's debut single, "Better Man Than He". It's a post-Mumford world, after all, and independent rock stands as a secular vanguard against the bait-and-switch proselytizing of a certain East London folk act, one who still, rather remarkably, contends they aren't Christian. But, Sivu doesn't give to such easy reduction. He claims no religious foundation, his references to religious traditions merely attempts to name and place the indefinite space of life's grand existential questions. "Better Man Than He", recorded with Alt-J producer Charlie Andrews, betrays a similar delicacy, a flickering piano and friscalating snares. It is self-consciously pretty, a song about terrible darkness that resounds with unstoppable elegy.

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Asa S. said...

Every musician who puts meaning in a song is spreading a certain worldview. Mumford, and likely down the road, Sivu, just get thrown under the "proselytizing" bus since it contains religious meaning.