Highasakite :: "Son of a bitch"

We begin in medias res, our protagonist, Highasakite singer Ingrid Havik, having her hair held back while she vomits. Aggressive to be sure - you can almost hear her mutter, "I'm no role model" - but it is the necessary abrasion that shapes the outline of the neo-feminism contained in single, "Son of a bitch". She isn't waiting for a white knight, in fact, the notion of a white knight, a "grand gesture" she calls it, offends in a rich and meaningful fashion. The chorus tumbles with pretty whiplash, the title lyric wielded with disdain, followed by the rhetorical question, "How many others have you been a so-called hero for?". The rolling tams from the song's opening moments return as the blunted thunder under this darkly polemical architecture, Havik singing, in effect: You can try to save me, but don't assume I needed saving.

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