TV Girl :: "She Smokes In Bed"

Self-destruction is as dangerous as it is attractive. It's a trope: the poisonous girl with the laissez-faire attitude, a person unbound by the constraints of risk-adverse modern society. She's uninsurable; she's a walking liability; she's fascinating. Or, rephrased and writ-large as a visual simile, "She smokes in bed", the title lyric of latest TV Girl single. With a bass line that very nearly has a voice booming along at the bottom of the arrangement, TV Girl craft "She Smokes In Bed" as a breezy take on the sample-heavy, industrial-pop of a band like the Big Pink. The band refuses to answer the essential problem - with all the rhetorical niceties stripped away, "She's a nightmare" - instead descending into a series of weightless "ba's", maybe the only response for someone who cares so little and still manages to be the fecund and imploding star around which so much interest orbits.

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