Various Cruelties :: "Neon Truth"

The UK's indie soul spitters Various Cruelties are ready with their next single, "Neon Truth". It tips towards the type of sound that Kings Of Leon made so popular 24 months ago or put another way, it does what US Royalty never quite got around to. The shabby guitars mix with reverby vocals that sound like they were recorded into a wax paper microphone, like some Razorlight A-side from the "America" sessions. This is a certainly dense series of references, and one that might not be intensely useful, rather the fear being that it reads like a dissuasive trail of Hansel and Gretel crumbs. Instead, Various Cruelties are worth watching and following, even into the woods.


Melissa said...

I can't get this song anywhere and I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

here's where you get it. official release is 23rd may x


Anonymous said...

also you can buy a download from variouscruelties.com