Parks, Squares and Alleys :: "Forest"

A bit of dreamy post-punk emerges from Khabarovsk, Russia in the form of Parks, Squares and Alley's second single, "Forest". If it were even possible for a label like Captured Tracks to snap the 19-year old up, he could quite easily project to do a Robert Smith impression of the Youth Lagoon precociousness act of two years ago. "Forest" is a bedroom record with ambition, a snappy little chorus - "So many things that scare, living in the forest" - mixed with an incredibly sophisticated bridge that melodically echos the "I never ... " final movement of the Killers' "Mr. Brightside". Hard to believe and undeniably real, Parks, Squares and Alleys marches around upright in daylight and in full view of the town; the residents disbelieve their eyes - could that have come from there? But there are always strange, wonderful things coming out of the forest, or out of eastern Russia.

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