High Hazels :: "Hearts Are Breaking"

The deployment of "to be" as a helping verb in the title of High Hazel's single, "Hearts Are Breaking" obfuscates some of the crime. Who is breaking these hearts, and how is it done? It also implies something of the moment, not "Broken Hearts" or the cautiously prescriptive, "Hearts Break", instead, in the ever unfolding now, "Hearts Are Breaking", an anonymous and complicated negligence. Sure, it sounds a lot like the Smiths, the most obvious comparison for this Sheffield four-piece. Inside this derivation there lies something of the timeless as the band wistfully works its way through lyrics like, "even in skies of different hue/I won't forget you" as plaintive 1950s rock guitars weave their way around the hook. Ultimately, High Hazels craft a mixture of the resurgent present amid winking odes to the past, a balance of time and tense.

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