Polly Hi :: "Mouses" and "Carousel"

Hints of Real Estate and Elliot Smith creep at the corners of Polly Hi's latest 7" single release, "Mouses." It is breezy pop music, little guitar pluck eddies spinning lugubriously back on themselves. The vocals, all three or four layers of them, are similarly drenched in echo, generating the image of a sunny and somber afternoon that ends before it explodes. "Carousel" represents a more focused creation, more linear and less corkscrew. The result is no less satisfying, though for anyone who invested in Oh, Inverted World or Chutes Too Narrow, the arrangement may cut too close to home. Both tracks reveal a sophisticated and talented song writer in mastermind Sam McDougle, a band that surely deserves more attention for these two ear worm melodies.

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