Eliza and the Bear :: "It Gets Cold"

London five-piece, Eliza and the Bear chases the last glimmers of the pop-folk revival, injecting slices of bombast in the propulsive second movements of their creations. On latest single, "It Gets Cold", a plaintive guitar melody (Is there any other kind here?) and an infectious shout-along vocal combust into a final, triumphant iteration of the hook. The sound is big and the impact just as heavy-handed, the title lyric recast from meteorological observation - "It gets cold" - to symbolic paint brush: This place is an emotional ice palace. The final lyrics, "I kept walking 'til I find some light" are both moving and oblique, the kind of thing that ends up on a yearbook page, rife with all types of meaning if you seek to place it in these wide open spaces. It is also moving in the wordless fashion of stupidly ambitious pop, a dumb grin for the Prestige even when you know exactly what's coming.

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