Rachel Thomasin :: "Gravitate"

"Pull me into electric heat", calls the the fecund, burnt neon of Rachel Thomasin's voice on lead track, "Gravitate" from the outstanding Gravitate EP. Largely about the forces of spatial attraction contained in the titular track and album title, Thomasin's haunting vocals and lush acoustic arrangements elide into compositions that sound at once distant and crushingly intimate. The hook pounds against the guitar progression, "I want to elevate, I want to move", the implication being, perhaps, that so much holds us down against ourselves, or maybe how much weight and power draws us toward others. The soft electrics of the Gravitate EP are on full display here, simple folk-infused arrangements infused with reverb and loops, all orbiting around Thomasin's singular, rich voice. This last force is the most undeniable one.

For New Yorkers, Thomasin plays Rockwood Music Hall (Stage One) tomorrow, Monday, December 2 at 8pm.

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