32ft Down :: Young Love :: "Black Boots"

Post this week are being flown in from the beach in the Dominican Republic. The write-ups will be smaller, the music a little more off the map, and the theme a little more relaxed. So, enjoy it. 32ft/sec has fallen into the Caribbean. Can you blame whatever happens next?

There are guilty pleasures and then there are guilty pleasures. In 2006, I briefly engaged Young Love's "Discotech." The facts were: 1) it was the catchiest song of the year, 2) we were going out a lot and, 3) it came on, with terrifying regularity at dark, dark downtown dance clubs. Wait. I just made it sound cooler than it was. Let's skip to the end.

In early 2007, I heard "Discotech" in a Gap in Tampa, Florida. For a song that you love, this is a little like finding out your girlfriend has a collection of Barbies that she keeps and plays with. It's corporate. It's out of touch. It's frankly a little embarrassing. And so ended my relationship with Young Love. It just wasn't meant to be.

Fast-forward to three minutes ago (or, roughly, the time it is taking to write this), Young Love has a new song, a new single, "Black Boots." It's not the same as "Discotech," (although, in fairness, what would be?) but it is sort of catchy and sort of that song that every artist puts on their second album that they think will make people pump their fists in the air. But it's good and certainly not bad. And if pleasures have to be full of guilt, this is a shame that I can bear. 


Anonymous said...

When "Discotech" was released as a single I was all over it and couldn't wait for the LP. It came and went with only a couple songs worthy of repeating, "Discotech" obviously being one.

Your GAP reference resonates with me because after listening to the album for a while I pushed it away because, frankly, it got cheesy...like the GAP.

deadbands said...

I was in the GAP the other day and heard Band of Horses, Minus the Bear, and Rilo Kiley all in a row. It seems like they're exactly one year behind the scene...which is still pretty frightening.

32feet said...

if i was prone to saying dickhead, hipster-shit things, i'd say that would make them 3-4 years behind the scene. luckily, deadbands.blogspot.com is exactly the place to find bands who are so far behind the scene, they're ahead of it.

But Brad, yeah, "Discotech," great song. Tough record. Fun times 2006-07. Let's see where this leads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! It's a decent song but I prefer one of the other new ones- "Underground." I actually liked most of the stuff on the last record so hoping the new one is just as good.

ENES said...

amazing post. that's happened to me countless times and its one of the worst feelings haha. with that said im still gonna download it...shh!