Math and Physics Club :: "Darling, Please Come Home"

If you live in Seattle or the surrounding areas or have a working knowledge of bands like Tullycraft, Acid House Kings, and The Lucksmiths, you already know Math and Physics Club. If you live anywhere else or if your music collection's depth ends with Barsuk, Sub Pop, and Merge artists, you probably don't. This isn't (wink wink) indie music, actually backed by a massive publicity and hype machine. This is (staring unblinking) indie music. Math and Physics Club mostly plays shows in the Pacific Northwest and they're on a real, small independent label. And, most importantly, they're worthy of your time.

"Darling, Please Come Home" is perhaps their most approachable cut off their debut LP. It's little and it's cute and it kind of breaks your heart. Put simply, it's acoustic twee music. This is the kind of song that is meant for a hushed, little mixtape for your girlfriend. This is the kind of thing you would never tell your take-no-prisoners male friends that you listen to. This is the kind of song that could get your ass kicked at most average American high schools. Which makes it great.

Band has a new EP due in September and one of their members just finished work on a series of vampire books for children. You can't make this up.

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