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The new Wolf Parade, At Mount Zoomer is spreading through the Internet like mononucleosis at an sexually-active college or university. That is to say, it's a little lethargic but it's definitely going to get you if you stick in the right circles. Now, the communicability of mono is not on trial here but the catchiness of this record is. Some things to remember: 1) Wolf Parade released one of the best albums of 2005 with Apologies to the Queen Mary. And that record, fortunately or unfortunately, was produced by Issac Brock of Modest Mouse. It seemed like natural relationship, a heavy-hitter from the indie rock world mentoring an up-and-coming band. 2) Wolf Parade would like you to know that this record, At Mount Zoomer had NOTHING to do with Issac Brock. People have different theories how this whole thing fell apart but suffice it to say, Wolf Parade is no longer using Mr. Float On as their producer/mentor/father-figure.

All this taken into consideration, At Mount Zoomer isn't bad. In places, the record seems to claim autonomy for autonomy's sake. The first cut "Call It A Ritual" sounds like what would happen if you turned The Walkmen loose on a White Rabbits song. Wait. I hate the White Rabbits. It sounds like what would happen if Wolf Parade doubled the BPMs on a Walkmen song and acted like they cared. The second song leaking out of the album is arguably (and by this I mean, definitely) the better of the two. "Language City" starts a little slow but it finds itself at the 2.54 mark and takes off into a sing-along, chanting finish. Put yourself in the front-row as this song rockets itself down the stretch. It might be a little whiskey and water but as Wolf Parade kills the last 45-seconds with the repeating "we are not at home/we are not at home" there's a level of disenfranchisement that almost feels inclusive. The soaring synths don't hurt either. If there's an anthem off this record, "Language City" is surely it.

Leave the jury out for a minute and enjoy these two tracks. Sometimes life's ok.

Listen :: Wolf Parade - "Language City"
Listen :: Wolf Parade - "Call It A Ritual"

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