Tonight, Tonight: Frightened Rabbit and The Brother Kite @ Piano's

Remember last week when I mentioned that part of this crazy blog experiment would be (wait for it) actually going to shows? Well, that time has come. 32ft/second will be making a triumphant/debut appearance at Piano's this evening for some beers and two great bands. These two aren't going to break your iTunes down only to rebuild your music collection in their image - but they are great, very different, and great. Did I say great twice? Great.

Up at 10pm (and remember, this is Piano's so it's going to be on-time), we've got The Brother Kite. They blew up out of Providence, RI and despite playing a brand of indie rock that smashes the delicacy of Teenage Fanclub and the sunshine of a Brian Wilson record, no one seems to know them. This is vaguely criminal. I first got wind of the band from a VP at Virgin Records who spits their gospel to anyone who will listen. Which, in this case was me and now it's you. Their record is one of the most unique and complicated releases of last year and deserves your time, money, attention.

At 11, we've got Frightened Rabbit, all the way from Scotland to break your heart and melt your brain. For people given easily to the art of comparison, they sound like a take-no-prisoners version of Snow Patrol. Or they are a far more put together version of The Twilight Sad. Luckily, I wouldn't do these bands the disservice of being compared to one another. The point is, Frightened Rabbit is one of those indie bands that has a real chance to crossover. They had a song featured on a prominent television show and their record is good enough to crush people when they hear it. They sound big. They sound sad. They are what to make of the broken-hearted. To pull from the song posted below: "well, you're not ill and i'm not dead/doesn't that make us a perfect pair?" If you're scoring at home, that's a metaphor. And we're not ill and Frightened Rabbit is just alive enough to rip through their set tonight.

Like Mr. fucking Rogers: join us, won't you?

Listen:: Frightened Rabbit - "The Modern Leper"
The Brother Kite - "Waiting For The Time To Be Right (sample)"

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